Redoyourpool - About Us. We designed CDC from the ground up to serve the pool owner.
Redoyourpool - About Us. We designed CDC from the ground up to serve the pool owner.
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Redoyourpool - About Us. We designed CDC from the ground up to serve the pool owner.
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CDC Pool Remodeling Specialists was born in 1990 when we, Roger and Chris, teamed up to solve a problem we saw in the Valley pool market. Chris saw things from a contractor’s point-of-view, building custom homes and pools. Roger saw things from the customer’s point-of-view, working in virtually every area of pool service and retail.

We saw the need for a company that specializes in renovating pools that works directly with pool owners. Why? At the time we started CDC, pool owners had two choices to redo their pool, both less-than-perfect in our opinion:

1. New pool contractors. They’re happy to "squeeze you in" between building new pools or during the off season. It’s not their main business and, as a result, customer service often goes south while prices go north.

2. Pool owners could also go direct to a pool plaster. The problem again is one of priority. Most pool plasters do the majority of their work for one or two large new pool contractors. So, who’s a priority, you, with your single project, or the plaster’s two customers that give them 200 pool projects each year?

We designed CDC from the ground up to serve the pool owner. Your pool is important to us, and we’ll act like it is.  Today, that commitment is Here are some of the things we do (we think differently than the rest) as a result:

"Tell the truth and only commit to what we know we can do. And everything else will pretty much take care of itself."

That keeps things clean and simple, and really is the basis for everything we do.

Redoyourpool - About Us. We designed CDC from the ground up to serve the pool owner. It’s easy to look out your window at one of our resurfacing crews and just see "a bunch of laborers." Our guys are far from that. Many of them have been with us practically since we started the company.  They are skilled craftsmen who work for us because THEY WANT TO WORK for CDC Pools.
Why?  Our pay and benefits package is far above the norm in our industry. We treat them with the respect they deserve.  We can lose all of our equipment and tools tomorrow, but as long as we have our people, we know we can deliver a quality job.  
Our People (yeah, twice. . .they're that important)
We added two more owners recently, Ron and Justin.  Four owners and six superintendents--that's ten people, most of us out in the field, making sure things go right.  Our level of commitment to the customer is unprecedented in our industry for a company our size.  We're not perfect.  Things go wrong in construction.  But we stand behind our work.
Redoyourpool - About Us. We designed CDC from the ground up to serve the pool owner.

We encourage everyone on our team to be creative and develop new ways of doing things. Probably the best example is our Baja Pebble Smooth interior pool surface. It is generally acknowledged as the smoothest pebble surface available and is protected by two patents pending. We also use numerous proprietary material blends in our other surfaces.
Another example: our newest plaster trucks. Most plaster trucks have a gas 4-cylinder engine that runs the plaster pump and a gas 16-hp lawn mower-type engine that runs the small cement mixer.

Working closely with our equipment manufacturer/supplier, we devised a new system that utilizes a Hatz, diesel-powered engine (instead of gasoline) and eliminates one of the motors previously needed. We now run the mixer hydraulically from the same diesel engine and have tapped into the truck’s diesel fuel system to ensure a clean fuel supply. This new system has proven to be more reliable and more economical to operate. To the best of our knowledge, it is the first of its kind in the industry and may well become the industry standard. 

And speaking of trucks, this is our newest addition at a recent home show.  Check out the paint job!  It's a beautiful thing. . .

We work hard to keep our equipment in the best working condition possible. We perform routine maintenance for both safety and reliability, which makes it easier for us to show up on time AND reduces our overhead.

We own all our equipment and the building we're in. We buy our material direct from suppliers literally around the world.  One of our owners, Chris, spends a huge chunk of his time doing nothing more than sourcing material. He even negotiates our own freight! 

We believe our quality and price make our jobs the best value in the Valley.

We work hard, try to keep it simple and never stop improving how we do what we do. And we think all that makes a difference you can see today and you’ll appreciate 10 years from today.

Redoyourpool - About Us. We designed CDC from the ground up to serve the pool owner.


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