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  Baja Smooth, Mini and Standard Pebble Surfaces
Baja Smooth

We believe our Baja Pebble Smooth is the most exciting thing to happen to pools since summer.

Think: the beauty and durability of a Pebble surface, but absolutely smooth.  How?  We shoot the pool surface, let it cure for a day or two, then return with a crew and polish the surface (see chart at right).

It costs more than our Standard or Mini Pebble surfaces, but customers absolutely love it.

Our exclusive application and finishing/polishing process leaves an unexpectedly beautiful, sparkling surface. Just add water for a remarkably beautiful addition to your backyard.  See our colors.

We can't adequately demonstrate the difference between the Baja Pebble Smooth and the standard pebble finish. You'll just have to touch it.

Baja Mini Pebble is a wonderful alternative to our Smooth Pebble.  It isn't polished.  We use smaller pebbles along with our standard-sized pebbles to create a nice, uniform surface that is unquestionably smoother than our Baja Standard Pebble.

And, by the way, many of the other pool companies are saying they have a smooth Pebble surface. If you're interested in a smooth surface, make sure you see and feel samples of theirs and ours. There is a difference.
Contact us, we'd love to show you our Baja Smooth and Baja Mini.



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