Redoyourpool - About Us. We designed CDC from the ground up to serve the pool owner.
Redoyourpool - About Us. We designed CDC from the ground up to serve the pool owner.
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Redoyourpool - About Us. We designed CDC from the ground up to serve the pool owner.
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Welcome to CDC Pools, we specialize in pool remodeling in Arizona. . .  
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Which interior surface is right for you


The difference between standard pebble and smooth pebble


How to care for your remodeled pool


Why you should choose CDC


Decking possibilities


3M ColorQuartz




New pool builders we can recommend




Announcing our new showroom!   See the colors underwater, decking, feel the surfaces, and much, much more!!  Visit today!


Three tips for Summer. . . 

Change your time clock -- one hour for every 10 degrees of night-time temperature.


Keep your baskets clean -- there are lots of extra leaves this time of year.  Clean your baskets at least once a week.


Get your water tested -- Lots of bad things in your water wait for warmer temperatures to do their damage.  Test your water now.


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Meet our customers. . .
The terrific people we've had the pleasure of working with and a brief video by each talking about how they shopped, their concerns, criteria, what they chose and how their project went.    Learn more


  We don't want every job out there. We want to work for people we like and know we can satisfy, on jobs we can make a profit doing. "If you were my brother-in-law," here's our advice on how to select a pool remodeling company. . .   More  
We are Leslie's Pool Supply's exclusive pool remodeling partner.  That means they trust us to take care of their customers the way they do.  We're proud of this fact and can whole-heartedly recommend Leslie's for all your pool care needs.  They have the people and the products to make sure your new CDC surface is well cared for.  Go   Quartz is a great material to add to plaster.  It's what makes our Premium Plaster last almost twice as long as regular plaster, and it's what puts color in our 3M ColorQuartz surfaces.  More     everywhere        everywhere         
Looking for a pebble surface?  Consider our Baja Pebble family of surfaces: Standard, Mini and Smooth.  Time-tested in literally thousands of pools and priced right. Examples
  It's easy to think that replacing your pool's interior surface is a  simple job.   It isn't.  It requires multiple crews and many steps.  We have a step-by-step guide that shows you what to expect.        Click here 


See our colors!

Every company is going to tell you why they are better or different, but nobody says it better than customers.  What our customers say...


Meet our owners!


Some people think remodeling a pool is simple.  Watch a complete remodel in 3 minutes and think again!
CDC is defined by its people.  Get to know us. . .

How to get the most for your money.

Looking for decorating ideas?  This is a great local resource:
Need chemicals or supplies?  Leslie's Pool Service stores offer salespeople who know what they are talking about and just about everything you can imagine for your pool.
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